No time to prepare?

Use a few otherwise "lost" minutes to bring your best to teaching.

Most Sunday school teachers lead full lives. Raise your comfort level with what you will teach, upgrade your teaching strategies and improve classroom discipline by using a few precious minutes efficiently throughout the week.

  • Start thinking about your lesson early in the week—Monday or Tuesday. Read the story through.
  • Gather a mobile Sunday school kit. Put lesson materials, pencils, highlighters and a copy of God's Word in a bag. Keep it within easy reach. Your car may be the best place!
  • Read through your lesson instead of a magazine or social media as you wait at appointments, lessons or sports games.
  • Reflect. Spending time with the story will bring thoughts to your mind.
  • Jot down teaching ideas for projects, activities and supplies you will need.
  • Later in the week, read the story several times, until you can easily tell it.
  • Think about ways the story affects your own life.
  • Choose 3 teaching points to focus on. Nobody can really take in more than that! Mark them in your lesson notes with a highlighter so they will be easy to see when you are teaching.
  • Visualize your entire lesson—your reading strategy, project or activity, wrap-up and clean up.
  • Think about your students. Will this lesson work?
  • Finalize your plan and gather all supplies before Sunday morning so you can relax and enjoy teaching.
  • Get to church early to set up or, if it works better for you, set up on Saturday so your classroom is ready to go on Sunday.

Time saving shortcuts

  • When cutting out project pieces for each child, fold the paper, fabric or string several times and cut once. Depending on the thickness of the material you are using, you may be able to cut out up to 8 projects at a time!
  • Use a paper cutter instead of scissors when cutting paper.
  • If you are working with fabric, try a rotary blade, straight edge and cutting board.
  • Tired of writing titles on projects? Type headings once using a computer, copy and paste your title as many times as you can on a page. Print once, photocopy and cut apart.