Help! they already know this story

Turn repetition into an advantage!

Occasionally teachers may find that they are teaching a lesson from the Word that children or adolescents have recently learned at home, at school, or during a previous Sunday school lesson.

Adolescents may talk about this kind of overlap as “boring.”  Do not let this discourage you! Repetition is a valuable teaching tool. Turn prior experience to your advantage by encouraging the students to see the story in a new light. Invite them to

  • teach you something about the story. Kids love the chance to be the experts!
  • use the opportunity to take what they already know to a new level. Ask them how they could apply the message to their own lives, look for parallels with other stories they know, etc.
  • appreciate that the stories in the Word contain eternal truth for our lives here and in heaven. There is a tremendous value in reading the stories in the Word again and again, throughout life.

For information on what to teach throughout the year see Choosing Curriculum.