Classroom set up

A well set up classroom creates an underlying sphere for happy, effective learning.

Sunday school teachers manage lessons in a variety of spaces. Some congregations rent space so classrooms are set up and put away each week. Other congregations share classroom space with schools. No matter which situation you are in, taking care to set up your classroom helps establish a good underlying sphere.

The Word as the center

If you start lessons with worship set up an attractive worship area. Choose a simple Word stand, attractive Word cover, decorated table cloth, nice candlesticks and candles, etc. Once in a while it’s useful to look at what you are using and evaluate whether something needs to be repaired or replaced.

For a permanent worship center, set up a lovely altar using materials from the Lord’s creation—large rocks, shells, beautiful stones, etc. Let the children help “make” the altar by arranging small items so it looks beautiful.


If feasible, use displays to introduce or review lessons, or to showcase the students’ projects. If you set classrooms up each week, consider buying collapsible display boards that can be stored flat, or a folding easel.

Ask your church about setting up a Sunday school display in the lobby or hallway. Keep it current and use it to share and promote the program.

If you have permanent classrooms, use the walls to extend your teaching opportunities. Consider putting up a time line of the Old Testament or key pictures to illustrate the main people and events in the Word, the sequence of events of Jesus’ life on earth, or the sequence of the books of the Word.

Creating a classroom environment

If you have permanent Sunday school classrooms, consider creating age-appropriate themed spaces. Choose a theme and design scheme for each age level that reflects the main themes for the year.

Garden of Eden Decorate the walls of the room with the tree of lives and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the river and beautiful flowers and birds, etc.  Decorate each chair with something was created on each day of creation.

Prophets Give each chair the name of a prophet and decorate it with a small picture of the prophet. This could lend itself to activities while you are teaching about the prophets: e.g. sequence the chairs around the table to reflect the historical order of the prophets; have the students tell you one fact about the prophet whose name is on the chair they are sitting on; name a story or miracle that is associated with each prophet, etc.

Moral Virtues Highlight moral virtues you are teaching teens by using them as a border around the room. This visual is a great way to reinforce your message.

More ideas  Decorate the room to highlight the tribes of Israel, patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), kings of Israel, books of the Word, the life of Jesus Christ, miracles, etc.

Painting on furniture and walls is one way to decorate your room, but you do not need to be a fine artist to do this! Look for good graphics on the Internet, print on good quality paper for greater clarity, laminate and display or decoupage pictures onto tables, chairs or walls. Many posters can be purchased as well.