Worship the Lord in your home

Invite the Lord into your home

Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20). When a family worships together in their home they are inviting the Lord’s loving presence to that home. His presence helps open the hearts of all in the family to being touched by Him.

Ways to worship

There are many ways to worship. One of these ideas might work well for your family.

  1. Say prayers with your child before bed.
  2. Read from the Word before a meal or at bedtime.
  3. Gather the family to read from the Word and say the Lord’s Prayer.
  4. Gather for family worship with your own simple ritual.
  5. Another way to worship the Lord is by serving our neighbors, community, and country with a loving heart.

Family worship can grow as your family grows

Start a simple worship routine when children are young and adapt your worship routine as your children grow. When children are young a bedtime worship routine might be saying the Prayer together and then talking about what the Lord does for us. Sing a religious song together or let the children choose a favorite song that you play or sing for them. As your child’s attention span increases, show him or her a picture of a story from the Word and talk about what is happening in the picture.

Families with school-aged children may want to have a simple worship service, opening the Word, saying the Lord's Prayer, and reading from the Word. You may also want to light candles before opening the Word and then put them out after closing the Word at the end.

When possible, having the father lead family worship can be powerful symbol for the whole family. Families with older children may want to choose a worship leader for each day. Offer everyone opportunities to participate in family worship by lighting and snuffing candles, choosing songs, opening or closing the Word, reading the Word aloud and leading prayers.

Create a worship center

Establish a special place in your home for the Lord’s Word. This could be a table, shelf, or a repository that is opened at worship time. You may wish to add additional objects such as candles, religious pictures, flowers, and other objects from nature.