Here is a sampling of ideas about worship to share with children of various ages.

These concepts are accommodated to the age of the child and coordinated with the religion curriculum.

For preschool (ages 2-5)

  1. Worship brings us closer to the Lord.
  2. In worship, we open the Word because it is the Lord speaking to us and this reminds us that He is near.
  3. Prayer is talking to the Lord.
  4. The Lord’s Prayer is a very special prayer which He taught us in His Word.
  5. In worship, we kneel before the Lord as we pray to show that He is the most important Person.

For primary level (ages 5-9)

  1. In worship the Lord and the angels are with us in a special way.
  2. Worship in some form should be a daily habit (morning, evening and mealtimes).
  3. Worship is a special way to show the Lord we love him.
  4. The important parts of worship are: coming into a sphere of reverence, opening and reading the Word, praying (talking to the Lord), learning about the Lord, singing His praise, and reciting from His Word.
  5. Baptism and Holy Supper are the most holy acts of worship.

For intermediate  level (ages 9-12)

  1. We worship the Lord because we want to be led and taught by Him.
  2. Worship helps us receive the Lord.
  3. In prayer the Lord looks at our motives and ends, not the words.
  4. Worship from the heart is true worship and involves obeying the Lord’s Commandments.

 For upper level (ages 12-14)

  1. True worship involves adoration of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. True worship requires a life of charity, not a life of piety apart from a useful life.
  3. Other aspects of worship are: reading the Word; thought and meditation about God, heaven, eternal life and salvation; and self-exploration.
  4. Worship helps us admit our limitations and look to the Lord for help in fighting evils.
  5. The key to all prayer is acceptance of the Lord’s will (acknowledging that He knows what is best for us).
  6. The Lord’s Prayer is a perfect prayer because its contents “hold more within them than the whole heaven is capable of understanding” (Arcana Coelestia 6619).

For high school (ages 14-18)

  1. Essential states of worship are reverence, humility, thankfulness, and glorification.
  2. Effective external worship must come from an internal, spiritual origin.
  3. Every form of worship should have the good of charity and truth of faith within it.
  4. Heaven has variety in worship and variety is the source of heaven's perfection (Heaven and Hell 56).
  5. Prayer activates our conscience.
  6. When we ask help from the Lord for specific ways to be good, He answers with feelings of “hope, consolation, or…inward joy” (Arcana Coelestia 2535).