The New Church

Here is a sampling of ideas to share with children about the New Church and the celebration of New Church Day.

These concepts are accommodated to the age of the child and coordinated with the religion curriculum.

For preschool (ages 2-5)

  1. We have church so that people who want to be good can gather together.

For primary level (ages 5-9)

  1. The Church is the Lord’s heaven on earth.
  2. The Lord invites everyone to belong to His new church.
  3. People become part of the church when they obey and live what they have learned from the Word.
  4. Only the Lord can make His church grow. (Except the Lord build the house...)
  5. The Word brings the church and heaven together.
  6. The visions described in the book of Revelation are prophecies of the New Church.
  7. The woman clothed with the sun symbolizes the Lord’s New Church.
  8. The baby boy that was born represents the teachings for the New Church.
  9. The dragon is like the evil spirits who want to destroy the truth of the New Church.
  10. June 19th is the birthday of the New Church.
  11. The New Church comes to earth when we read the Word and use the Lord’s truth to live a good life and help other people.
  12. The gates of the Holy City are always open, because the Lord welcomes us all into His Church.

For intermediate  level (ages 9-12)

  1. The church is our spiritual mother because it takes care of our spiritual needs.
  2. The whole purpose of the church is to teach its people how to be good and loving.
  3. If we don’t choose to be good we are not in the church, no matter how much we know.
  4. The role of the priesthood is to teach the truth and to use the truth to lead people to good.
  5. The two uses of the church (Arcana Coelestia 9925) are worship and preaching the gospel (education and evangelization).
  6. All are saved who worship one God and lead the life of religion.
  7. We can serve all people by helping them find the Heavenly Doctrines of the New Jerusalem.

 For upper level (ages 12-14)

  1. The three essentials of the church that should be known and acknowledged are:
            The Lord’s Divinity
            The holiness of the Word
            The life of charity
  2. The church on earth is a foundation for heaven (mutual interdependence).
  3. Among the many churches on earth, the Lord provides that there is one church where He is known and loved.

For high school (ages 14-18)

  1. The Church is only with people who rightly understand the Word (Sacred Scripture 79).
  2. The Church consists of those only who from the heart acknowledge the Divine of the Lord, and who learn truths from the Lord by the Word and do them (Apocalypse Explained 388).
  3. In the New Church there will be spiritual peace, glory, and internal blessedness of life (see preface to the Coronis).