The Church

Here is a sampling of ideas to share with children about the church.

These concepts are accommodated to the age of the child and coordinated with the religion curriculum.

For preschool (ages 2-5)

  1. We go to church to worship the Lord and to learn more about Him.
  2. Ministers help to teach people about the Lord and His Word.
  3. Angels are especially near to us when we have church.

For primary level (ages 5-9)

  1. The Church is the Lord's heaven on earth.
  2. The church conducts: baptism, Holy Supper, marriage, ordination, confirmation, and dedications.
  3. The Word brings the church and heaven together. The angels are near us when we read and hear the Word.
  4. People become part of the church when they obey and live what they have learned from the Word.
  5. The church needs ministers to help teach people the Word.

For intermediate  level (ages 9-12)

  1. The whole purpose of the church is to teach people how to be good and loving so they can be useful.
  2. If we don't learn to be good we are not in the church, no matter how much we know.
  3. The role of the priesthood is teaching the truth and leading people by means of it to live a good life.
  4. The two uses of the church are worship and spreading the gospel (education and evangelization).
  5. All people are saved if they worship one God and lead a good life (whether they are in the church or not).
  6. The church is our spiritual mother that nurtures us.
  7. The New Church has the potential of bringing the highest truths and greatest happiness to people on earth.

 For upper level (ages 12-14)

  1. The establishment of the church depends on true discipleship (link to Matthew, Mark, and Luke).
  2. The Church is the Lord's heaven on earth-the happiness and peace it can give you is a little like heaven.
  3. The three essentials of the church that should be known and acknowledged are: The Lord's Divinity; The holiness of the Word; The life of charity.
  4. The angels and the heavens rely on the church on earth just as a house needs to rest on a foundation.
  5. The special church (or church specific) is where the Word is, where the Lord in known and worshipped,and where people live in genuine charity. There has always been a special church on earth.
  6. The church universal includes all people who live a good life according to what they know to be good from their religion (see Heaven and Hell 328).

For high school (ages 14-18)

  1. Without charity in the church, people disagree over doctrine.
  2. The church community provides moral support for a life of charity.
  3. The church grows within us as we receive the Lord in our lives.