Here is a sampling of ideas to share with children about marriage and the special love the Lord wants to give us - a true marriage love called "conjugial love" in the teachings of the New Church.

These concepts are accommodated to the age of the child and coordinated with the religion curriculum.

For preschool (ages 2-5)

  1. Marriage is the most special gift the Lord can give us.
  2. Weddings happen when a man and a woman love each other.
  3. They come before the Lord and promise to love each other forever.

For primary level (ages 5-9)

  1. The Lord gives the gift of true marriage love–on earth or in heaven–to everyone who tries to obey His commandments.
  2. Marriage is an eternal, holy covenant between the Lord and husband and wife.
  3. When a mother and father look to the Lord together He can give them greater happiness.
  4. The Lord leads us to find our true marriage partner.
  5. Learning to be a loyal and kind friend helps us to be a loyal and kind husband or wife.

For intermediate  level (ages 9-12)

  1. Love to the Lord is the basis of all love, especially conjugial love.
  2. The Lord is always leading and preparing us for the ideals of conjugial love.
  3. Marriage is more than just choosing the right partner—it takes persistent effort to make it work.
  4. Once we have chosen a marriage partner, we need to reaffirm that choice every day.

 For upper level (ages 12-14)

  1. The Lord wants to give us conjugial love.
  2. He is the Source of conjugial love and its fruits.
  3. The Lord will give everyone who loves Him and obeys His laws a happy marriage—in heaven if not on this earth.

For high school (ages 14-18)

  1. The potential for conjugial love exists in every person.
  2. Love on earth requires we look to the internals of a person.
  3. When people shun wandering lusts from the time they are young it is easier for them to have a heavenly marriage (Conjugial Love 49).
  4. The delights of marriage love advance towards heaven and the delights of adultery descend towards hell.
  5. The Lord provides a conjugial partner for those who desire it and who look to Him.