Here is a sampling of ideas about heaven and eternal life to share with children of various ages.

These concepts are accommodated to the age of the child and coordinated with the religion curriculum.

For preschool (ages 2-5)

  1. Heaven is the Lord’s home.
  2. Good people go to heaven and are called angels.
  3. In heaven, there are gentle animals and beautiful gardens.

For primary level (ages 5-9)

  1. There is a heaven and a hell.
  2. People in heaven are called angels and people in hell are called evil spirits.
  3. Good people go to heaven and bad people to hell.
  4. When we are ready, we go to heaven to be with the Lord.
  5. When you go to heaven (the spiritual world), you get a spiritual body that is like the body you have now.
  6. Good people appear beautiful; evil people appear ugly.
  7. All angels in heaven are married.
  8. Angels have special jobs that the Lord gives them.
  9. The Lord showed Swedenborg heaven.

For intermediate  level (ages 9-12)

  1. Resurrection is waking up in the spiritual world.
  2. There are 3 main divisions: heaven, hell, and the world of spirits.
  3. In heaven and in hell you live with people who love the same things you do.
  4. The Lord creates a natural world for us which mirrors the spiritual world
  5. Angels protect us from harm—especially when we are sleeping.
  6. The angels have power against evil.

 For upper level (ages 12-14)

  1. The Lord came on earth to restore order in the spiritual and natural worlds, reopening the pathways to heaven.
  2. The choices we make on earth have eternal consequences.
  3. The Lord protects our freedom to choose heaven or hell.
  4. The purpose of creation is a heaven from the human race.

For high school (ages 14-18)

  1. To enter heaven, we must be regenerated or reborn—a gradual process.
  2. The Lord casts no one into hell; people choose hell by the evil choices they make while on earth.
  3. All in hell are preoccupied with the love of self and the world.
  4. There is a correspondence between things of the spiritual world with those of the natural.
  5. Married partners who have conjugial love will be married to eternity.