For Parents

Almost everyone who has held a newborn child has felt that awesome responsibility to care for this tiny person. The love that flows in is incredibly powerful, opening the mind to the Lord as Creator, and the wisdom of turning to Him for guidance in how to be a good parent.

One piece of guidance can be found in a statement that describes what guardian angels do. From the Lord, they “distract us from plunging into utter evil, and so divert us toward something good.” When we respond, they are able to draw nearer, “breathing into us every kind of good and truth, as well as a horror and dread of evils and falsities.” (Arcana Coelestia 50) 

Leading away from bad things, and inspiring good things: doesn’t that sound like what parents do every single day? The powerful thing to consider here is that the Lord calls parents – and teachers and anyone else interacting with children – to be like guardian angels for the children in their care. We are invited to be a part of the Lord’s team, as He leads them to grow and develop into the kind of people who can live in heaven some day.